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I couldn't help but smile once I got off the bus. Ever since Vlad came back, everything was better. When people called me vampira, it made me smile. When Chester came onto me, it was easier to deny him. Hell, he's cute, in a nerdy way, but compared to the Count, he's just another boy that he overshadowed.
"Mina! Hey, Mina!" I heard a familiar voice call. I sighed slightly, looking in the direction of the voice. Of course, it was Chester. It didn't dampen my mood any, but this whole Chester business needed to stop.
"Hey," I said, unenthused. Chester stopped right when he was in front of me, almost tripping on his ever untied shoe laces. I stepped off to the side, just in case.
"Hey," he responded, composing himself as if nothing happened. I gave a weak, pitiful smile. Chester smiled back, just the way Sora did from Kingdom Hearts (and I HATE Sora >=/)
"May I help you?" I asked, already getting a little irritated. Chester breathed for a few moments, most likely composing himself.
"I was wondering, since there's that Dead Man's Poetry Club after school, and since you love gothic poetry," (Which isn't true, I hate the gothic stereo type) "I was wondering if you'd go with me after school."
"Sorry Chester, but I have plans." I said automatically. Chester's ever happy face melted in defeat.
"Why do you always turn me down, Mina?" he asked, his eyes like the ones a puppy dog would make. I sighed, turning away from him.
"Because, Chester, I don't see you like that. I will never see any human being in that way." I remarked, my voice as cold as stone. "Go to class, Chester. I'm not letting you make me late for class for the hundredth time." Chester was about to object, but I had already walked down the hall, leaving him behind. Chester sighed and turned around, once again defeated.
"But that doesn't exclude the supernatural from the equation..." I said to myself. I chuckled, walking to my class, 3 minutes before the bell rang. I smiled. My Chester denying skills were becoming honed like a sword.

"Mina," The Count said, as he twirled me around. I was at his castle, dressed in an old romanian dress, waltzing with him to Igor's oddly wonderful violin music (Who knew?)
"Yes, Vlad?" I responded, landing right in his arms.
"Do you remember the day I made you remember me?" He asked, leading me in the waltz. I nodded.
"How could I forget?" I replied, a warm smile crossing my lips. The Count smiled back, his sharp teeth gleeming in the dull light.
"I ask because you mentioned a man," he continued, "by the name of Chester. You spoke of him in a very unflattering vay. Tell me, is he bothering you?" I laughed, shaking my head.
"He was, for a while." I said, "But it's much easier to do it now." Vlad looked at me, almost unsure.
"Are you sure?" he asked, "because you seem very veary (its hard to tell with his accent, but that's weary) around him." I was about to reply, but I immediately closed my mouth. I stopped dancing. The Count looked at me, almost surprised.
"Mina, are you-"
"How do you know how Chester acts around me?" I asked, looking up at him. His look of astonishment turned into a look someone gets when they're caught in a lie.
"Vell, you see..." He muttered, pulling on his collar a bit. I glared at him.
"You've been following me, haven't you?!" I asked, almost appalled. Vlad gulped, not wanting to admit his fault.
"Mina, if i may explain..." Vlad started, but I had already walked away. The Count's face gave way to a crestfallen expression. Igor's violin playing abruptly stopped.
"Mina, vait!" He exclaimed, running up to me. I stopped, looking him dead in the eye. He stopped, then started to rub his hands nervously.
"How long have you been following me?" I asked, "and during the DAY! Honestly Vlad, you know how dangerous that-"
"I've been vatching you ever since I made you forget about me. For at least 3 hours every time. And I've watched you at least once a week at night, vhile you've slept" (Edward Cullen creeper D: ) My face suddenly turned enraged.
"You've been watching me all this time?!" I yelled. Igor's soft snickering could be heard in the backround. I threw him an angry look. He yelped, then shut right up. I looked back at Vlad. His nonworking sweat glads had suddenly turned on, and into high gear.
"Please understand Mina, I've only wanted to make sure you vere safe." He pleaded. I scowled.
"Did you hear all the nightmares?" I asked, glaring at him. I had never told anybody of this, not ever in my life, but when I was little, i had nightmares of Vlad (although I didn't know it was him), biting into the necks of young girls, then coming to me, fangs sharped and bared. Vlad sighed and nodded.
"I did..." he said sollumly. "They're vhy I waited so long to reawaken your memories..." I heard enough. I was already walking away, with no intention of stopping.
"Mina!" he yelled after me.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Count." I said in the dark cold tone I used with Chester, and I slammed the door to his castle that made all the bats cry out in surprise.

"Mina, hey, Mina!" I heard again, the very next day after I had turned him down. I sighed, my former dark cloud of doom hanging over my head. Chester noticed, because he slowed to a stop, holding an arm in front of his body, like I would rip out his throat with my teeth if he made one wrong move.
"What?" I hissed. Chester gulped.
"I was, uh, wondering if you wanted to hang out after school," he mumbled, trying to relax but figiting every three seconds. "Anything you want to do. Even just going as friends." I scowled, giving him the most evil glare I could muster.
"Look, chester," I sneered his name as if it were a pile of crap. "I am not interested in you. I am not interested in any man on this planet. Now, go away, or I swear I will hang you by the testicles with a giant fish hook." Chester seemed to understand my seriousness, because his eyes widened as if I just told him his mother gave birth to a litter of kittens.
"Well, uh, ok, I guess." He muttered under his breath, scratching the back of his head. But I didn't hear. I was already storming off to my next class.
Only 3 more months, then I'd be rid of this horrible school, this horrible boy hanging on my shoulder, and, if I chose, all men in general.
I was really getting sick of the angry cloud hanging over my head, I'll tell you that much.

I closed my eyes, laying back onto my bed, blaring heavy rock music right into my ears. Music always helped me forget, it made me relax as if nothing could be wrong in the world. I opened my eyes and looked at my clock. 10:00. Vlad would be here any second, and I'd have to listen to his desperate plea for forgiveness. I was prepared, and although i was still a little irritated, most of me had already forgiven Vlad (one of the curses of love, right?)
There was a soft knock on my window. I sighed, composing myself, then walked over and opened the window.
"Ok Vlad, let's hear it..." I said. But it wasn't Vlad.
"Who's Vlad?" A surprise Chester asked, already hauling himself over my window. I looked at him, shocked.
"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, outraged. Chester dusted himself off, then looked at me, his usually hopeful face already angry.
"Who the hell is Vlad? I thought you said you weren't interested in any man on this planet?" He accused, gripping his hands into fists. I breathed deeply, trying to figure out what to do. If I yelled for help, my dad would most likely lock up my window, and then I wouldn't get to see Vlad...
"He... is a she." I said, obviously lying, something I'm not good at. "She stayed over the other night, and we had argument! Yeah, this HUGE arguement." I laughed nervously. Chester scowled, obviously catching my lie.
"I don't he is a she at all, Mina." He said, sneering my name the exact way i did to him. "I think he's your boyfriend. God, Mina, all you had to say is that you were in love with someone else! Do you claim me as a stupid blockheaded idiot?!"
"Well, I have told you almost 9000 times that I wasn't interested." I said, crossing my arms. "And...he's a child hood friend. My feeling for him are only recent. It'll probably go away soon, just like hormones, you know, stupid teenage hood." I laughed nervously again, then immediately slapped my hand over my mouth. My damn nervous giggle, it always gave me away when I lied! Chester scowled.
"God, Mina, you are the worst, most inconciderate..." He growled, pacing back and forth, hands gripping his hair. I almost felt sorry for him, but I quickly shoved the thought out of my head. Chester was just being a butt hurt teenager who couldn't take a hint.
"Look, Chester, you need to leave." I said, my voice like iron bars. "And I mean now." Chester stopped his pace and looked up at me.
"No," he snarled. I jumped, but only a little. I furrowed my brow, grabbing my metalic bat again (its relieving its always there when I need it.)
"Look Chester, if you don't leave, I'll..." I hissed. But Chester was too quick. With three easy wide strides, he grabbed my wrists and shoved then against the wall so hard I dropped the bat. I gasped, my eyes immediately wide in surprise.
"Or what? You'll call for help?" he mocked, shoving my hands above my head. "I'm sorry, but I don't think so. You'd never get to see your beloved boyfriend again!" I looked around frantically.
'Vlad, where are you?!?! Why aren't you helping?!?!' I exclaimed in my head as Chester pushed his lips against mine. I shrunk back, disguisted. I tried to wiggle away, but he was surprisingly strong. He took both my hands with one, which didn't make it easier to escape, as he kissed me deeper, tracing his other hand down my body, playing with the edge of my shirt with his fingers. I wanted to scream.
'Vlad, oh god Vlad, please help...! I'm sorry I was angry, I'll never yell again! Please, please, just help!' I thought frantically, a tear slidding down my cheek.
And the answer to my prayers pried Chester away from my weak little body with such force it could've been a hurricane.
"I vill hurt you," Vlad hissed through his teeth, his voice far more demonic than anything I've ever concived. I fell to the ground, so weak from shock. I looked up at Vlad. His face was sinister, like he could've ripped out Chester's eyes with his bare hands. Chester's anger was immediately replaced with shock and fear, and his demonic voice turned into a wimper of a sad, helpless dog
"I vill do more to you thank hang you by the testicles," The Count seethed, obviously attempting to keep his voice down so he didn't wake my father. "I vill rip you apart limb from limb, rip out your throat, then feed you to my bats for ever laying a hand on my beloved Mina!" Chester started to cry, without shame, his voice weak with fear. Vlad glared, then released Chester. He fell to the ground, immediately scurrying onto his feet and running towards the window. Vlad stared at him the entire time, his teeth bared.
"And if you don't leave Mina alone, I vill crush you like the pathetic worm you are!" He raged, surprisingly only raising his voice a little. Chester whimpered, repeating 'I'm sorry,' and 'Don't hurt me' over and over, like it would save him, while climbing over the window as clutsy and as fast as he could. Only until Chester's head receeded over the panel did the Count turn around. I looked up at him. His eyes were shocked and scared as he knelt down and put his hands on my arms. I was starting to cry gently, even more than I did when I was little.
"Mina, are you ok? Did he touch you? Oh god Mina, please tell me he didn't touch you. Mina, I'm sorry for the selfish man I was, please forgive me..." He ranted worriedly, pressing me against his chest in the warmest way a vampire could give. I kept crying, but I held him back, my soft sobs starting to receed away.
"I'm so sorry Vlad, I didn't mean to get mad at you, oh god Vlad, don't leave me, please don't go away...!" I exclaimed quietly, a soft cry emerging from my throat after. Vlad hugged me tigher, whispering softly in my ear, things like 'shhh', and 'its ok, mina, I'm here, i von't leave'. I slowly started to relax, my tears starting to die away. I pulled away, looking up at him.
"Please Vlad, I'm sorry, please forgive me for yelling at you," I said softly. "I'm so so sorry. Please don't be angry at me. Please, I'm so sorry..." Vlad gave a sad smile, pulling my bangs away from my forehead and kissing it gently like he did when I was little.
"Its ok, Mina." He said softly. "I could never be angry at you." I looked up, up at his face. How did I end up with a vampire as a best friend? How did I end up becoming his little obsession, one he couldn't forget about, one that he would rescue me from anything? Vlad smiled.
"Mina, I love you." He said softly. "I vould do anything to keep you safe, even if it meant leaving this plane of existance forever..." Slowly, he tilted my chin up, kissing my lips softly. I closed my eyes, as if nothing in this world mattered. He pulled away, way to soon, and I opened my eyes sadly.
"I love you too, Vlad." I whispered softly. "Please, don't ever leave me, not for a second of my life." Vlad chuckled softly, wrapping his arms tightly around me, his cape in both hands.
"I vill never let you out of my sight." He said quietly. As we leaned in for another kiss, we were melted into darkness, going to the only place Vlad could live safely. The only place he could keep me safe.
Now, and the rest of forever.

"Chester, hey!" Chester heard. Well, he wasn't really hearing it. He wasn't hearing anything. Ever since that night, the night he had attempted to, lets face it, rape Mina, and the night she disappeared, he couldn't seem to live. He turned his head slowly, looking over at his obnoxious gamer friend, one he didn't care to the name of.
"What?" He said dully, as if it was a pain to speak. His friend cleared his throat, then laid a newspaper on the table.
"Did you see this?" He said, speaking softly so Chester wouldn't rip out his throat. Chester looked down. In a small collumn off to the side, there was a picture of Mina, wearing a dark long gown, and that man, that abonination of god, dancing. The title read, 'mysterious images at night- illusion, or the work of the supernatural?' Chester looked away, scowling.
"So what?" he remarked, a scowl appearing on his face. His friend cleared his throat.
"The girl, she looks like Mina, doesn't she?" He said, trying to pry Chester for something worth a conversation.
"I have no idea what you're talking about." Chester sneered, gripping onto the table. His friend sighed, taking the newspaper away.
"Well, if you want to know where she might be, read the article." He said, turning away. "Honestly, a little hope on your high school crush could brighten your day. Please, just read it." Without another word, he walked away just as the bell rang. The teacher immediately ranted on some incomprehesible jabber, something Chester had no intention to listening to. Chester looked down at the newspaper. The man's face was happy, as if he could look into Mina's eyes forever and not miss a thing. Chester scowled, then read the article. 'The old romanian styled castle at the edge of town, May 23rd. Two figures, a man and a girl, have been reported to have been seen everynight for the last 2 months  dancing in the castle on top of the hill. Many people have confirmed that the girl looks like Mina Harper, age 17, a young girl who disappeared 2 months ago, and the man looks like the man of historical value, Vlad the Count. Researchers have yet to tell if the images are an illusion or something of the supernatural, as the castle and every opening to it is tightly sealed off, inpenitrable to any attempt to get in'. Chester looked back at the man, then the name. 'Vlad the Count'. Chester sneered. That was the name of the assumed vampire, the one who lived 700 years ago. Chester looked back at Mina's picture. Her face was happier than it had ever been when he had seen her, more lovely than what he could concieve. Chester shoved the paper into his backpack, then stood up abruptly.
"I need to go to the crapper. I'll be back." He said abrubtly, interupting whatever the teacher was saying. Without another word, he walked out of the room, heading for the doors of the school.
He would not have Mina. He would not entrance her and lure her into whatever sick fantacy he was planning.
He would make sure that Vlad would pay for ever stealing Mina away from him.
A continuance of Mina's Lost Memories, requested by GiraffeofAwesomeness

Personally, I think this gets a bit too romantic, and that if I write another it could ruin the innocence of the cartoon, so I will only write another if at least 3 people want it.

Sorry for the many cliffhangers, sadly, its the only way I know how to end a story.

Summary-This is after Mina is reunited with Vlad. It basically tells how Chester's so obsessed with Mina, and after one night, that will not be mentioned to anyone ever again -cough cough- (its not sex, so don't go there), Mina is taken away so that Vlad can watch her and keep her safe for the rest of forever.

Well, He might, if Chester doesn't have anything to say about it (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Hope everyone enjoys =)
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