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"Mistress, its time to wake up," Igor said coarsely. I opened my eyes slowly, seeing the dark blue hue of dusk light the room. I waved a hand in the air, showing I was awake. Igor slammed the door shut. I cringed. I could tell that Igor still dispised me, and he was only tolerating me for the Count.
I slowly sat up, scratching my head gently. I raised my head to look over the room I stayed in. It was large and elegant, and the bed was enormous, maybe even bigger than a king size bed. There were nearly 20 sheets, and I ended up kicking most of them off in the middle of the day, only to search blindly for them later.
There was a soft knock on the door a few moments later that sliced through my conciousness like a fog horn.
"Come in," I called. Steadily the Count's blue head popped through a crack in the door he had just opened.
"Good evening, Mina." The Count spoke in a polite tone. "Vonderful evening, isn't it?" I looked out the window. The night sky was completely clear with only a crecent moon shining, almost like a silver sliver in the blackness.
"Yes, I do believe it is." I replied. The Count smiled, showing his bright white teeth and his two fangs. I smiled back.
"I have a surprise for you, Mina." The Count said. Slowly, Igor trudged in with a box that was large but narrow. I looked at it curiously as Igor set it on the foot of the bed. I got out of bed slowly, then walked down to see what it was. The only thing I could disifer was that Igor had already gotten to it before me-Igor had already lazily painted over all the writing on it. I slowly opened the box up, to see a sleek, shiny, silver metal object. It was the first pieve of technology I've seen here- a laptop.
"Oh my god!" I exclaimed, taking it out of its small, slender box. "How...when... Thank you!!!" I set the laptop on the bed, ran up to Vlad, and threw my arms around his neck. He chuckled and hugged me back, although I think he was a little confused on what a hug was supposed to convey, exactly.
"I thought you vould like it, since this life is obviously very different from your old life." the Count replied. The words, your old life hung in my mind. My old life, where i went to school, I listened to Creature Feature to ungodly lengths in the night, where me and my dad would argue about my anti-socialness.
My dad...
"I LOVE it!" I said enthusiastically, shaking off the thought.
"Well come then, Mina." he said majestically. "The nights wasting away, and you're still not dressed!"
"That's because you haven't given me a CHANCE to, Vlad." I remarked playfully, (Igor made a gagging sound in the back round).The Count smiled, bwed, then silently left the room, Igor wasted no time to follow him. I smiled and looked at the laptop. It's been so long since I've had the luxury of technology. 2 months now, if I was correct (I didn't keep very good track of time).
I knelt down till the top of the bed was at eye level, then took out the laptop from its box. I clicked the 'power' button to turn it on, half expecting it not to comply. Surprisingly, it came to life with ease. It powered up, loading like only a new computer knew how to. Once it finished loading, the screen came up with the user 'Mina'. I smiled, clicking on the picture of the kitten. It loaded, then faded to a spectacular picture of a castle, the full moon rising over it. I laughed. It looked like the Count had already reached my new laptop before I had a chance to.
Out of pure curiousity, I clicked the wireless connection link. A window popped open, loaded for a second then displayed a box with a single network- 'Igor'. I stared at the screen blankly, then shivered at the thought of what Igor used the internet for. After a moment of dramatization, I closed the laptop, and stood up to get dressed.
"Mina!" the Count exclaimed when I walked out. I found it funny how he seemed so happy to see me whenever I walked into a room. 700 hundred years of Igor as company must've taken its toll.
"Hey," I said, my voice extremely unenthusiastic compared to his.
"Vhat vould you like to do tonight?" He asked. "Ve could play 'hide and seek', or I can teach you the art of impaling, or vhatever you vould like."
"Actually, I already thought we could steal Igor's wi-fi, and I could show you the internet. The Counts face scrunched up in puzzlement.
"The...internet?" he asked. I sighed and shook my head.
"Oh, my dear vampire, I have much to teach you." I remarked while sitting on the large, plush chair.
We started out with the things I first discovered, youtube. I showed him things like the lazer collection, the harry potter music video 'the ding dong song', and 'marble hornet' videos (apparently slenderman is real, and Vlad and him were great buds when they both lived in Europe). We then went to wikipedia, the infinate but sometimes innaccurate digital book of knowledge, and ended with facebook, which was flooded with thousands of notifications and messages since I've left.
"So, vith have unlimited access to vhatever it contains?" Vlad implied, studying the screen.
"Pretty much," I replied. "Although you can't believe everything that someone puts on it. For somethings, like wikipedia, information is pretty reliable, but other things like youtube and facebook, information is rarely true." The Count blinked a couple of times, then stood up straight.
"This is so confusing," he said, rubbing his face. I smiled.
"Well, how about you take 5," I replied. "Its not like I'm going anywhere." The Count nodded slowly, trudging out of the room. I looked at the screen, then clicked on the messages. There were more messages than I expected there to be. Lots were from aquaintances that I've met, saying they missed me and they wished me luck to wherever I was. There were tons from my dad and sister. My heart suddenly lurched so much I almost cried. I missed him so much...
Suddenly, I recieved a new message. I half expected it to be from my dad, but when I opened the message, all warmth seemed to leave the air.
It was from Chester.
'Mina. A war's coming, one that will destroy everything you know. Return to your human life and I'll spare the vampire. Stay with him, and you both will suffer.'
My breath began to quiver a bit, but I soon laughed. This was CHESTER, a video game nerd who had no life whatsoever. How could he possibly bring a war to a vampire, when over half of the world thought they didn't exist?
I flung in my seat so fast that I almost fell out of it. Igor was staring at the screen, and me, his hands clutched into tight fists. I began to stutter, trying to explain I didn't know why Chester's last name was such a big deal, when the Count rushed into the room.
"VHAT?" He bellowed, so loud I shrunk back into my chair. Fear and confusion began to overtake my mind.
"This HUMAN GIRL'S silly admirer is a CARPATHIAN!" Igor yelled at the Count, in a manner he has never dared to before. The Count's mouth fell open, then looked at me. I shrunk back lower, trying to fight back the uncomfortable feeling of being the cause of the problem. The Count cursed under his breath, clenching and unclenching his hands and began to pace.
"That Chester boy...a Carpathian!" Vlad muttered, continuing to pace. I sat up a little.
"Why is that a big deal?" I asked quietly, almost not expecting an answer. The Count stopped pacing, standing silently in front of me.
"Long ago, vhen I still lived in Romania, there vere a group of Vampire Hunters, called Carpathian Knights. Thier loyalty resided to the Carpathian family, a family of great wealth and nobility. They killed any mythical creature they saw a danger-nephilim, demons, faeries, and, of course, vampires. For years, I vas forced into hiding because of them. But vhen the Carpathian family faced financial trouble, they disbanned the Carpathian Knights. Most left quietly, but few vowed that if any Carpathian needed their assistance again, they vould answer their call."
"Well, the Carpathian Knights had to have existed centuries ago," I thought outloud. "They should all be dead, and there's no way we can tell if Chester's a decendent of those  Carpathians." Igor shook his head in disguist.
"Silly girl!" He exclaimed. "When the Carpathian Knights disbanned, the few that vowed eternal loyalty injected their own blood with the blood of another immortal!" My body went numb.
"So that means..."
"Yes, Mina." The Count said. "The Carpathian Knights are very much alive. There is a slim chance that Chester is not a true Carpathian, but there are very few people vith the Carpathian surname."
"We wouldn't have to worry about this if you had heeded my advice and stayed away from this girl!" Igor exclaimed. The Count eyes blazed and looked at Igor.
"ENOUGH!"  Vlad raged. Igor shrunk back, all sign of hatred vanishing from his face. "If you so much as think of Mina again with an intention of harming her, I vill feed you to the werewolves!" Igor began to shake, cowering into the corner of a room. The Count faced me again, muttering under his breath. "Your sickening thoughts are bad enough, I don't need your disguisting emotions in my head too..."
"In your head?" I asked, utterly confused. The Count looked at me and sighed.
"I have telepathy." The Count said quietly. I began to die a little bit inside, praying that my life wasn't going to turn out like twilight.
"What's twilight?" Vlad asked out of the blue. I gave a sigh of relief. If worst comes to worse, I'm at least not like Bella.  Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in my head. I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should just think of the plan to him.
"Please, just speak the plan out loud." The Count said reassuringly. "I prefer speaking over thoughts." I exhaled quickly, then began my statement.
"Ok. If you have telepathy, the easiest solution on to finding out if Chester's a true Carpathian or not is through his thoughts." I explained. The Count nodded, concidering the idea.
"But what if he doesn't know if he is one or not?" Igor said quietly. The Count threw him a dirty look, but i sighed in defeat.
"Yeah, I guess that would be a problem..." I said quietly. "But...the least we could find out is if he knows about the Carpathian Knights or not." The Count's face gave way to a grin that was crossed between happiness and evil.
"Why don't you just kill the boy and get it over with?" Igor said unenthusiasticly.
"Because, if he IS a true Carpathian, the Carpathian Knights vould know ve killed him and come after us," The Count said quietly. "But I agree vith Mina. Tomorrow, I vill go out and see vhat I can pick up from  this boy." I exhaled slowly and calmly, even though my nerves were on fire. All we were now was sitting ducks.
"Vell, in the meantime..." the Count started, "show me more of this internet. I vant to see vhat it says about me."
It was my turn to pace the next night, while the Count was out. Igor had come to my laundry a few moments before, but besides that, nothing had happened. The only thing that I could do was pace and wait for Vlad to return with news.
I heard the slight creak of the huge door begin to open. I rushed out of the dining room, watching a tiny bat fly into the room. I sighed with relief as the Count rematerialized into his former self with a puff of smoke.
"Well?" I asked eagerly. "Is he a real Carpathian? Does he know about the knights?" The Count sighed, then looked at me. His eyes looked dark and worrysome.
"He knows." He said quietly. My heart was the first to drop, then my blood temperature, then the warmth of the Earth. Chester knew...
"He's planning an attack on the full moon of this month." Vlad said quietly. "Even though its the strongest time for us supernaturals, they've already have the werewolves on their side. And since you're not among them, they know you aren't one of them, and so does all of our allies." Vlad walked into the sitting room and sat down on the large chair, rubbing his face. My heart sank even lower. Chester was planning a war, one that was coming in around two weeks. We were helpless, allyless, with no option of escape.
"I have to return." I said quietly. "I have to return to my human life." The Count looked up rapidly, then at me.
"Mina..." he said softly, standing up. I shook my head.
"No. That's why he's causing all of this. He wants me back there." I said quietly. "You have no allies, while he has the Carpathian Knights, AND the werewolves..."
"Not so fast, Mina," someone interrupted. Me and the Count both turned our heads to see Igor, holding my laptop up high, his myspace page open.
With 7,000 friends, all supernatural of some kind.
"We have plenty of allies," Igor said. Me and Vlad smiled, while I laughed in astonishment.
"If you vish to go Mina, I will not stop you." The Count said. "But if you vish to stay here, I vill do vhatevers in my power to protect you." I started to laugh in disbelief, then said in the most commanding, dignified tone I could;
"Igor, call out everyone you know. The Carpathian Knights are not going to be easy to defeat."
It is done.
Note-THIS IS NOT GOING TO TURN OUT LIKE TWILIGHT. I only added the telepathy part because thats what wikipedia said. His telepathy is only used in this chapter.
Note-Spoiler, but Mina will not become a vampire. I have full intention of completing this fan fiction, and you will find out how it ends. But Mina will not become a vampire. That's overdone.
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